Here is a view with all the screens you might ever want to see at once while on stage. Clicking on the next song button updates these all in about 1 second. Before we start playing we are reminded of what the settings are for this tune.

We see the setups for the layers and the XOrch pedal.

We note the turquoise box that frames the song title on the main bar (top). This assures us that a drum track has been loaded, tested, and is ready to play (it's not shown otherwise).

We see drum particulars at screen bottom. We might want to tweak the tempo before we start.

We see the lyrics and chords.

And behind them all we see the drop-down list holding the tunes of Set 1 in their order (screen left) with the selected tune in orange. We are just a mouse click away from any other tune in the set.

Of course, when we start playing we will likely look mostly at our hands on the keyboard and the sheet music. We may occasionally glance at the XOrch display as we move the pedal.

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