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Loading & editing.

Here is where you create pieces / songs and load them into any of the four Sets. Each song is assigned an existing Performance by clicking on any of them in the left pane. Sheet music pages or whatever can be browsed to and clicked on to add them to the selected Piece (orange highlight). Same with drum files. Bring up the Drum machine screen, browse to and audition any file, then press the CopyIn button on the Sets editor to associate it with the Piece. Same with any midi file you want to play along with, say a bass line. Bring up the midi player screen, browse to it, then click on the CopyIN button in the Sets editor.

Reordering the Set.

You can move any piece up or down in the Set order. Just click on it then use the arrow keys on screen or your keyboard to move it up or down. You can move all the pieces you want, then press Save once and get the complete new order.

Cut & Paste between Sets.

You can easily move or copy pieces from one set to another. Select a group of pieces using the Shift or Control keys. You have four copy buttons: Copy1 through 4. Press Copy2 to copy them into Set2.