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Before the Show.

First, use Spanner's Performance Editor to create and store Perfs (Performances) by name to your database. A single Perf describes all the settings to produce an orchestrated sound with one to many instruments.

Next use Spanner's Sets Editor to create and store Songs/Pieces to your Sets database. Spanner provides 4 Sets (as in 9 PM for Set 1, 10 PM for Set 2, etc) of any number of Pieces per Set. Each Piece describes which Perf to use along with which drum track, tempo, and what sheet music you may to use or display.

mainScreen At Showtime

Click the Set 1 switch. The first Piece gets selected and it loads everything. All instruments, settings, the drum track, if any, and all open windows (XOrch, Layers display, Mix Controls display, etc.) get updated. You are ready to play. This takes about 1 second on our 4-core demo machine.

When you finish playing click the Next Piece switch. The next Piece in Set order is selected and all above is re-loaded to match it.

So, with Sets of Perfs a single button, piano key switch, or mouse click loads the next Piece or any Piece.

About Perfs.

You create Perfs visually and graphically using Spanner's Performance editor. A Perf holds one or more Layers. Each Layer says which midi output port, midi channel, instrument, and note range to use (plus several more things).

About Sets.

The Sets editor is visual and graphical and gives you four different Sets to fill with your Pieces. The editor lets you easily change the Pieces order and to copy and move Pieces from one set to another all by mouse clicks.