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Below is the recording screen. The horizontal green bar represents memory space available for recording. The smaller red bar within it grows as you use up the available space. There is way more space than you need, hours worth. Midi doesn't take up much space.

Pressing the "Save & Reset" button saves the current memory to auto-named disk files in both *.mid and *.aft formats. It also erases the recorder memory. Pressing "Reset & Erase" discards whatever was in the memory buffer.

The Spanner recorder captures everything you put out including the drum track, if you are using one. It records all the instruments you are driving at once. For instance, in development we used our Studiologic (Fatar) midi controller to drive EWQL Pianos and Symphonic Orchestra virtual instruments on one midi port and a Yamaha S80 Synthesizer on another.


Below is the Playback screen. All recordings put out two files, one in *.mid "1" format and the other in *.aft format. Only AFT format will correctly capture multi instrument recording. AFT is MusiEdge's database file format. Click either "Choose" button to bring up the file navigator and load your selection. Press "Play" to hear it. It will play at the tempo shown in the BPM window. While it is playing you can readjust its tempo and its transposition. Press "Save As Mid" to save it as a new file at the new tempo and/or transposition.