Metronome Home

This screen controls the simple metronome. Keyboard arrow keys let you adjust the volume and tempo.

You also get a phrase-oriented metronome function you can set up to run at different tempos and time signatures during a piece.

This is useful for practicing pieces that change tempo and meter as they progress. The one below shows the setup for Franz Liszt's Concert Etude No. 1 called "Dance of the Gnomes". Two different tick sounds are used. One for beat one and one for all beats. It starts off in 6/8. You get a tick on beats 1 and 4. Below is how it looks when it's running. It's set to give a four-measure count-off. The beat boxes light up in sequence during the count off. This piece started at TPM 108, in the Intro phrase. As seen, it has progressed into the Verse1 phrase where the tempo has increased to 116.

To set up this kind of phrased metronome for any piece Spanner provides an editor that can create phrases strung together. Below is a view of the initial phrases for "Gnomes". There are several more (accessed by the scroll bar).