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Free: download Midi Spanner
Windows only: XP, Vista, and Win 7:  32 and 64-bit
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This downloads the latest Spanner which is version 1.0.12 of March 12, 2015.

Spanner is free to try.

Spanner initially installs in demonstration mode. In such it will occasionally, and briefly, reduce the output volume to zero and display a "Demo mode" flag. Otherwise it is fully functional. Your license key will cancel the demo mode behavior. No re-installation is required and all your data will remain.

Installation Instructions.

Clicking the download link will get you the file "SpannerInstaller.ZIP". Size is about 16MB.

Before running the installer you will need to set "User Account Control" (Vista & Win7) to the lowest setting, called "Never notify..", and reboot your machine for that to take effect. Then run the installer, then run Spanner for the first time, while User Account Control is still off.

Finally turn User Account Control back ON and restart your computer. Done.

We need your feedback (it's anonymous). Please click on any of these boxes that apply and press "Send":

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If you have problems please email us at "". It will save time if you also attach copies of all the *log.htm files that Spanner writes. These are found in your Documents folder inside a sub-folder named SpannerDocs. The main log file is named SpannerMainLog.htm and there can be several others.