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Fix for 'midi feedback error' causing stuck notes
      Posted: 28 May, 2012

This presupposes you have installed and are running the LoopBe virtual midi port driver, the free one.

Here is a description of the problem we are addressing. You are playing along normally and suddenly your system gets stuck with all the notes of your latest key presses ringing and ringing as if you were holding the sustain pedal down. You will likely notice a small pop-up window that says something about "midi feedback" down at lower right of your screen.

To recover you first have to reset all your virtual instruments and synths. Some may need to be shut down and restarted. This stops all the sounds. Next you find and run the "LoopBe Monitor" program. It pops up a small screen that has a checkbox, which is checked, and says "Mute" by it. In the mute mode it blocks any midi commands you try to send. So you un-check the box and all should be well again.

The fix is simple: upgrade from LoopBe to LoopBe30. This costs about $20 and is available at from http://www.nerds.de/ and is well worth it. For some reason the midi traffic is much accelerated by this and there will be no more "feedback" errors. The LoopBe30 program, on its main screen has a check-box to enable or disable feedback detection, so disable it.

We find that with LoopBe30 it's like we have a much more powerful computer. We are able, for instance, to load in a whopping performance ensemble, piano and orchestra, and then play a dense classical piano work with all the orchestra at once, at speed, with sustain pedaling, and no problems at all.