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Please email your Spanner Product ID to:

To find your Product Id run your installed copy of Spanner and look on the "About Spanner" screen which is off the main menu at the bottom.

Key will be sent within one business day after receipt.

Find your PRODUCT ID this way.

On Spanner's main bar, click the 'puzzle piece' button which is third from the right, right next to the 'question mark' button. This pops up the main menu. It looks like this:

At the bottom of the menu, click on the About Spanner item. You should then get a screen like this:

The Product Id should be showing and available for you to copy and paste into your email.

Note: If you cannot get through this process, the menu won't come up or Product Id is not showing, it is likely Spanner is not yet able to access its installed controls.

The quickest way to fix it is to go to press the Windows Start button and click on Control Panel. From there click System and Security, from there at the top inside Action Center, click Change User Account Control settings. From there you are shown a vertical slider bar. Notice where it is set, write it down. Now, temporarily for this test, move it all the way down to 'Never Notify', then restart your computer. When it is back again try the 'About Screen' procedure above again. After that, go back and restore User Account Control to where it originally was and restart again.

If it still does not work please email the Spanner log files to us at support@musiedge.com and we will get you fixed up if at all possible.

Spanner's logs are in a folder inside your main DOCUMENTS folder. The folder name is 'SpannerDocs'. Please send us all the files whose names end in 'log'.