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Spanner is a front-end controller for all your instruments. You no longer have to learn how to control them individually. You can make complex performance settings, graphically and quickly that draw from all your favorite voices across multiple instruments and midi ports.

For example, for each midi device port, set up your synth with your favorite voices so they are separated onto each available channel. You can put multiple instruments on the same channel so long as their note ranges don't overlap.

Do the same with each of your midi port devices. That includes virtual port devices, too.

Set them and leave them that way. You might never touch them again. You can then use Spanner to access any mix of them and do it graphically on your big screen. No more searching through deep menus with lots of little knobs on little displays. The Spanner Performance Editor can access each and every voice on all the channels on all your devices and ports via midi commands. You design graphically. Spanner implements by Midi.

Here is Spanner's main control bar. This is the minimum screen space it needs while you are performing with it.


Below is the screen you would get, additionally, if you clicked the "?" button on the main bar.