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Fix for Windows 'AudioDg.exe'        Posted: 13 May, 2012

Is AudioDg.exe overloading your Windows 7 or Vista computer? I mean taking around 25% of total CPU power or loading in a ton of audio latency?

That's what I thought but was wrong. Actually it was some miscellaneous background process under the control of the TaskHost.exe program. All I had to do was go into Windows Task Manager (right click on the Task Bar, see it then start it), find the TaskHost.exe in the Processes screen then right click on it and select ‘end process tree’. Problem solved. It will stay solved until you reboot the machine then TaskHost.exe will start again happily on its housekeeping function.

How I Found It.

I first noticed this problem a few days ago while attempting live HD audio recording with my keyboard virtual instruments. Suddenly notes were sounding way late and some were getting stuck on. I run Windows 7 with auto updates on and system was completely upt to date. I looked at Task Manager Performance screeen, which was usually a flat line around 1%, and saw a lot of activity taking about 25% of my 4-core machine. I rebooted and the phantom activity was gone but started again in just a few minutes. I brought up the Task Manager Processes Window, clicked Show Processes From All Users button at bottom and expanded the window until I could see them all. Then took a screen shot (Alt-PrtSc), opened up Windows Paint, and pasted it into a new file (Ctrl-V) and saved it as CpuWithLoad.jpg. I then re-booted and captured the same screen image before the mystery load started and saved a CpuUnloaded.jpg. Then I compared the two screen shots and determined that the only difference was that TaskHost.exe was running in the CpuWithLoad screen. So I killed it as above and the load ceased.

Oh, and prior to the testing I spent hours reading posts on the net about others having this same problem, suspecting AudioDg, and finding no solution.

Later, I noticed that after a while, about 8 minutes, TaskHost autostarted again and the problem was back. I found that TaskHost was running a Windows Service called MicrosoftAntimalwareService and turned it off (temporarily) in the Services Manager (ControlPanel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services). I left it in Autostart mode but manually stopped the service (while I was playing and recording). This stopped the TaskHost interference completely. Now I just have to remember to turn it back on or re-boot the computer when I'm done. Also, I always disconnect my computer from the Internet when playing or recording.

Hope this helps you.

Please see my Youtube recording of "Walk Between the Raindrops" by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan. I think my system still had that problem when I made that recording.