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Windows only: XP, Vista, and Win 7:  32 and 64-bit

Real-time Orchestrator

Midi Spanner is a software product that goes between your keyboard or sequencer and your instruments.

makes a simple midi controller drive multi-port  and multi-channeled midi instruments

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Example System:
  1. a midi keyboard or sequencer
  2. virtual midi instrument(s), synth(s)
  3. fast computer (tested on 4 core, 8GB)
  4. sound system
  5. Spanner software
Off-Stage Features
Design & Save Complex Synth Settings, Layers

Building Sets of Songs

Your Switches, Sliders, and Keyswitches

Drum Sounds Mapper/Designer & Player

Whole Show Piece-by-piece Settings

Midi Recording & Playback

Drives multiple midi ports at once

Metronome (standard and phrased)

Instruments Editor

Comprehensive Help Screens & Popups
On-Stage Features
Overview: Everything in 1 click

Orchestration BY PEDAL in real-time

Midi Drum Machine

On-screen Sheet Music & Paging

Midi Playback & Play-along

Driver's Seat View

Youtube Demos

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Pink Panther Theme

Phantom Of The Opera

Walk Between The Raindrops

Body and Soul

If She Walked Into My Life

God Bless The Child

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

Chopin Etude, Opus 10, No. 4

Send In The Clowns

The Look Of Love



Manhã de Carnaval

Stormy Weather

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Midi Solutions

Ultimate Pianos

Simplest Spanner configuration uses keyboard for playing live. It can also be driven by a sequencer. Spanner can record and playback, but not edit, midi files.
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